Founded in 2002 by owner operators Colin & Marisa Pasquale, Compas Transport has grown to become one of the most respected & reliable privately-owned transport companies in NSW.

Colin & Marisa Pasquale have dedicated their time to create a customer-focused business based on the core values of safety, reliability, integrity, efficiency, and adaptability.

Compas Transport has always had a great reputation for quality service. Even in the company’s infancy, it was well known for its high standards.
With quality equipment, clean and fit for purpose Compas Transport has carved a niche in the FMCG and time-critical sectors.

Hard work and client demands dictated that expansion was required. Most staff that were employed in those early growth years are still part of the ever-growing Compas Transport team

Compas Transport has rapidly evolved through its commitment to understanding business requirements.

This understanding develops working partnerships that are cohesive and have created value-added and diverse services that are critical to business success.

The Compas Transport fleet has grown to over 30 trucks and forty trailers that service niche markets such as: Market produce, Print, Electronics, Fresh/frozen poultry, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Building products, FMCG.

Whatever the question, Compas Transport is the answer.
Why not make Compas Transport part of your history!

The Fleet

Compas Transport boasts a modern and well-presented fleet of heavy vehicles and trailers. The fleet prime movers comprise of Kenworth, Mack and DAF vehicles.

This also includes a fleet of Hino rigid body trucks with tailgate lifters.

All vehicles are maintained to the very highest standards by the Compas Transport workshop staff.

All maintenance standards comply and exceed the benchmarks set within the Australian transport industry.

Compas Transport invest in specialised trailers such as mezzanine floor equipped, refrigerated and 4.6-metre high-cube trailers.
Latest technology has improved payload, freight integrity and load restraint.

The fleet cleanliness is an important aspect of our operation.
We employee full time vehicle detailers to maintain correct refrigerated unit hygiene and keep the fleet looking its very best.

The Team

Colin Pasquale

Managing Director

Director / Accounts Payable / Payroll / Depot Management & Operations

Gerard Kovic

Workshop Operations

Workshop Employee Operations / Servicing Coordinator / Workshop Stock Control



Local & Intrastate Management / Local & Intrastate Scheduler / Depot Management

Mark Nella

Interstate / Key Account Manager

Interstate Operations Management / Interstate Scheduling / Key Account Management


Compliance, CoR & HSE Management / Driver Trainer & Assessor / Drug & Alcohol Tester

Office and Account Receivable

General Enquires


Compas Transport obtained accreditation with National Heavy vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) early in the company history.

Compas Transport are accredited operators in Mass Management, Fatigue Management and Maintenance Management.
Our accreditation number is NHVAS20323 for the above mentioned modules

Regular auditing by external regulatory authorities along with customer-based auditing ensures we exceed the standards expected.

Compas Transport have drafted policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance and operational excellence

All employees are aware of their obligations under duty of care and chain of responsibility legislation.

Compas Transport have two staff members qualified in drug and alcohol screening.

We have the appropriate equipment to complete post incident, accident and random testing.

Compas Transport is committed to attaining, maintaining and contributing to the required certifications as per the National Transport Commission, the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, HACCP Australia and the Department of Primary Industries (Food Authority).


Compas Transport actively encourages safe driving behaviours with our extensive pre-employment screening and induction process.
This includes ongoing training and driver development, risk awareness, reporting and recording practices for employees to minimise task related risks.

Our work health and safety committee & management meetings are conducted to ensure all legislative requirement are being met to demonstrate no harm to our employees, fleet, customers or general public.

Compas Transport has a qualified in-house trainer to support active authority updates.

Technology & Innovation

Telematics/ Tracking
In mid-2019, Compas Transport upgraded its vehicle telematics systems.

The new driver system terminals have many benefits:
– Electronic vehicle pre-starts & post trip declarations,
– Electronic Work Diaries (EWD),
– Live vehicle speed alerting and monitoring,
– Live vehicle maintenance management & fault reporting,
– Electronic hazard reporting

Dash/ Mirror Cams
With the implementation of the upgraded telematics systems, Compas Transport vehicle are being fitted with forward facing and mirror mounted rear facing camera systems. The camera system constantly records vehicle operations 24/7 while the vehicle is in motion.

Guardian (Seeing Machines)
Compas Transport vehicles are being updated with the Guardian (Seeing Machines).
The Guardian monitors the driver’s eyes and facial features 24/7. In the monitoring of potential driver distraction or fatigue events, driver is alerted via an audible alarm driver seat shaker. The Guardian team view the received footage in live time and determine true from non-events.
All true events are communicated through to the Compas Transport Compliance Manager for review.
He then implements corrective actions and communicates with the appropriate driver.
This driver Fatigue Monitoring Management System is an industry leader.