Company Profile

Compas Transport is a freight company specialising in line haul logistics. Operating for more than seven years, the company has rapidly grown to become one of regional Australia’s most in-demand independent freight businesses. Founded by Managing Director Colin Pasquale, the Compas team has more than 30 years experience in general transport and fresh produce.

Compas Transport FleetServicing Sydney to northern NSW, Compas Transport offers a wide and varied freight service. This included fresh produce, building materials and general freight along with high security items such as electrical and entertainment appliances, tobacco, alcohol and medicinal supplies.

Compas Transport prides itself on honest, reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism and confidentiality. All trucks include 24 hour satellite tracking equipment providing up to minute monitoring of consignment. Each and every haul is treated with the utmost care, arriving at destinations on time and in perfect condition.

A 24 hour – 7 day service, the company’s fleet includes the latest trucking and trailer equipment – kept in pristine condition, professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced weekly. All drivers, including Colin Pasquale, have an average 20 years on-road trucking experience. All are licensed and qualified, fatigue managed, with minimum certificate one blue card and fully insured for ‘goods in custody’ policy.

About Our Company

Over the past 7 years Compas Transport has developed an envied reputation as a quality provider of fresh produce, express road transport and distribution in New South Wales through a persistent focus on service. Its commitment to service is built on a culture of trust, responsibility and accountability.

Primary elements required in providing a consistent healthy delivery solution follow:

  • Strength – 7 year history and financially strong
  • Information Technology – innovative and personalised.
  • Quality Culture – process and customer centric driven with transparent results.
  • Current – structure and technology.
  • Management Plan – expertise and experience.
  • Adaptable – customised customer solutions based on understanding.

Compas Transport FleetAs with all customised solutions offered, Compas Transport proposes to combine the above attributes to provide your business with the required express road transport and distribution solution. Its focus will remain on all key areas, not simply those of the current.

The overall goal of Compas Transport’s performance is that all its subsystems (processes, departments, teams, employees, etc.) work together in an optimum fashion to achieve your business’ desired results.

Key initiatives for Compas Transport will include:

  • Continuous improvement of service standards through promotion of compliance;
  • Restructure of staff to support and improve overall growth and system compliance;
  • Continued focus on training and support of staff with continuing emphasis on ‘reporting’.

Compas Transport is focused on continuous improvement while increasing effectiveness and efficiency to fulfill its policies and objectives. It is not limited to quality initiatives. Improvement in business strategy, business results, and customer, employee, and supplier business relationships can be subject to continual improvement. Putting it simply, it means “getting better all the time.”

Compas Transport service is based on IT, security, speed and accountability. We have established our reputation on the consistent provision of track and trace, intact and on time delivery of all consignments entrusted to our care.

Our Commitment to Delivery

Compas Transport FleetCompas Transport is committed to your business to create a long term service partnership that will deliver immediate IT and service benefits. Its continued commitment to mutual goals will help position your business with a significant competitive advantage.

You can be confident in Compas Transport as a service solution they can trust and that it will always deliver on promise, from the start. Based on Compas Transport’s current and future relationships, it will meet your business’ distribution, customer service and IT expectations

Compas Transport hopes that you will take the opportunity to understand its service background through clients, employees and partners and be completely content in a strong partnership with a company embodying a compatible set of values. It advocates that the service partnership commences at the earliest opportunity with the continuation of existing intrastate express road transport and distribution requirements. Based on capabilities and shared information, this partnership would certainly present to you a real potential for significant short and long term service benefits.

Our Promise To You

  • Innovative, forward thinking IT solutions, where satellite tracking is at the forefront of business for client benefit.
  • To monitor temperatures to HACCP requirements.
  • Pallet control.
  • To significantly reduce the effort and workload required by your business to manage their products once dispatched from distribution centers.
  • To keep late, damaged and mislaid goods to a fraction of one percent, with nil being the ultimate goal.
  • To build a working relationship that creates trust, goodwill and respect through a common desire to improve business.
  • To consistently inspire a culture of technical excellence and innovation, by encouraging staff to make suggestions, decisions and to take action.
  • A hands-on approach that not only delivers tangible benefits, but also offers on-going support for the solutions introduced.
  • The design, implementation and maintenance of new ways of working that will support new situations, changes and challenges.

Compas Transport will play a pivotal role in the continuation and the stability of your business to maintain its aggressive growth by managing all major support centers from Brisbane to Melbourne for support of your premium clients. Our service performance will help position your business at the forefront of its competitors through Compas Transports satellite tracking, on time delivery and service standard, along with the added advantage of daily temperature trailer management to ensure premium quality service.

Compas Transport FleetCompas Transport has satisfied the requirements to achieve the set performance standards and as such lay the foundation for your business to position itself strongly with its current associates and support them in their market share growth.

The selection of the right service partner is extremely critical to the future growth of your business and important that partners embody and embrace throughout their business identical attributes, ethos and principles of association, service, originality, communication, pride, confidence and professionalism.

Application Overview

Compas Transport will provide your business with a landmark, yet highly realistic solution that offers genuine IT solution and service levels to current and prospective client’s, in tandem satisfying both short-term and long-term needs of each business.

Your business can advise Compas Transport its ability to fulfill the necessary commitments, covering all aspects of the operation will surpass expectation. This is primarily due to minimal loss and on time delivery, as well as Compas Transports high destination service performance which will increase your business’ reputation and credibility with valued clients.

Based on previous service providers, product quality and timeliness needed to be addressed. The introduction of Compas Transport will decrease the use of other, more expensive transport modes and increase the functionality of IT, creating efficiencies and reducing cost.

Compas Transport is in a premium position to partner your business. This is based on its current strategic focus; industry experience, strong understanding and commitment of your business’ expectation, application of own excellent service standards, capability, intellectual capital and financial stability.

Compas Transport Business History and Outline

Compas Transport commenced business in 2002 and is a 100% Australian owned Express Distribution Company, effectively run by Directors Colin & Marisa Pasquale who are frontline, hands-on executives.

It introduced an environment of satellite track technology throughout all the linehaul to ensure efficiency and reliability. At the time, the market had long needed a solution to catch up in tracking, and service accountability across regional NSW. Compas Transport provides all necessary technology to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Client demands were also paramount in the decision to invest in tracking technology to enhance customer’s niche position in the market place. Compas Transport recognises the importance of Information Technology and lays a strong emphasis on use in the functioning of all departments for the benefit of our customers.

Embracing identified market needs, services could effectively be directed towards larger corporate clients who desire a true interaction with their service partner to achieve a smarter, more customer focused distribution network throughout regional NSW and ACT. Niche markets committed to include:Compas Transport Fleet

  • Fresh Produce
  • Milk and Dairy Products
  • High Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Photographic
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Clothing
  • Beverages
  • Building Products

Planning and Change

Compas Transport is a key service provider in these markets offering a wide range of satellite tracking, refrigerated and distribution services. Several of its business partnerships have risen from ‘word of mouth’ and known reputation for customer service excellence. It maintains a focus on providing services to prestige corporate clients such as your business.

Growth has enabled Compas Transport to provide efficient solutions for some large multi-national clients across New South Wales and ACT. Our objective is to grow by attracting a manageable number of qualities, target market clients and providing them with focused attention, rather than forcing business to grow simply through the push for indiscriminate addition to revenue. The following Strategic Partnership Charter further reinforces our approach.

Compas Transport Benefits

At the outset, we consider your customers to be just as vital as you do.

By delivering a consistently trustworthy service, not only are you, our client, at an advantage, but so are your clients. We are committed to reducing prolonged and unsettling customer complaints, by providing fuss-free, on time and safe delivery of produce.

The flow on effect of reduced down time with taking long irate phone calls, chasing missing or soiled produce, reordering, erratic stock control and customer issues, have a positive effect right across your company – from overall satisfaction and efficiencies within your department, to Operations, IT, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

The benefits of a delivery service you can rely on, makes the decision to move forward with Compas Transport – great commercial sense.

Considerate towards your products

Compas Transport FleetCompas Transport appreciates the opportunity to visit your site for operational meetings. This assisted with understanding of current challenges of consistent, timely, economic and safe delivery of product to you.

Compas Transport has invested highly in state of the art fully refrigerated trailers to ensure freight is meet to HACCP approved standards and not spoilt. Benefits include efficiency, effectiveness and productivity to enhance the name brand. As part of Compas Transport service, each movement can be tracked via satellite tracking providing your business with the ability to monitor ETA and temperature controls.

Compas Transport sole activity and objective is the management of services and to reduce the risk that your business can be and has unnecessarily been exposed to.

As part of the Compas Transport proposal, employees have been trained to ensure freight received is fully inspected, accountability for freight received is consistent (as per the manifest provided), and that freight is loaded in a timely and intelligent manner. During this process all discrepancies will be reported via email and or fax to your customer service team.

Compas Transport is highly confident that a combination of training, supervision, incentives and accountability (our culture) with advanced systems (technology) will continue to deliver benefits to your business.